The easiest way to find out about us is to contact one of the ride leaders who will be happy to answer any questions you have, but in the meantime we've answered some of the more frequently asked questions below.

 Do I need to be a member of the CTC to join your rides ?

You're more than welcome to come along and try one or two of our rides as a guest. If you then decide to continue riding with us, then we ask that you join the CTC. Further details on their website.

 I've never cycled with a group before, is there anything I need to know ?

If it's your first time on a ride, the ride leader will give you a thorough briefing, It's mostly common sense though.The CTC provides a handy leaflet detailing much of what you need to know.

I'm worried about how far I can ride, how long are the rides ?

Ride length varies for each ride, it's always best to contact the ride leader if you're worried and they can tell you more about their particular route and whether it will be suitable for your first ride. Not everyone will stay out for the whole day, so there is often a chance to come back with someone after morning coffee, again it's always best to check with the ride leader.

What sort of speed do you ride at ?

Again it depends on the ride, but usually leaders aim for between 12-15mph on the flat. The important thing is that no one will be left behind, we will match the pace of the group to those riding.

Waht should I wear ?

Essentially wear something that you will be comfortable in and appropriate for the time of year, as you will be out on the bike most of the day. We do suggest that you carry a waterproof jacket though, as we will continue with the ride even if it is wet. Whether you wear a helmet or not is a matter of personal choice, and there are many other sites where you can read arguements for or against !

Do I need to bring any food/drink along ?

We nearly always stop at cafes/pubs for morning coffee/lunch and tea, but we do recommend that you bring along some water to drink on the ride, especially on hotter days. You should also think about some food/energy bars etc just in case you start to run out of steam in between stops.

Do I need to carry any tools ?

Don't bring the entire contents of you toolbox along, but do make sure you have a few basics, such as a spare inner tube, pump and tyre levers.  

Anything else ?

It's also a good idea to bring along a mobile phone if you have one and to carry a card somewhere handy with emergency contact details in the unlikely event they are needed. If you haven't already you might want to consider adding ICE to your phone address book.